In this episode I sit down with Jessie Zevalkink. She has an incredible story outlining her experiences as a sailor. She literally grew up on the water. Sailing was a major part of her childhood as she took many trips on her father’s boat with her family. This experience led her to purchase her own boat at the age of 23 years and sail The Great Loop for 2 years with one of her best friends.

From there she spent her time working for sailing publications and participating in boat shows. Which led her to meet her now husband. Upon their engagement they made plans to precede their marriage with a trip across the Atlantic and back. So, she and her fiance began to prep her father’s boat for the journey.

Hear her accounts of traversing Iceberg Alley (East of Newfoundland, Canada), capsizing off the coast of Portugal, and skimming over the phosphorescent waters of the South Atlantic.

Jessie also explains the dynamics of being on a boat for weeks at a time with one person. The purposes of each day. Teaching herself mechanics. Plumbing issues.

Check out the links below for more about Jessie’s other passion (photography) and her written accounts of the journey across the Atlantic.

SN: Jessie’s husband was raised between New Zealand and England. Has sailed tens of thousands of miles in his lifetime and currently holds a speed record for sailing a Hobie Cat around Great Britain. In other words–these two are sailing gangsters and have sought adventures that very few people do. Take a listen to their unique story.


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