“Ego is about who’s right. Truth is about what’s right.”

Saw this quote today and absolutely loved it. I speak often on the division I see in society. Division among races, generations, political party, gender, the list goes on. Maybe many of these divides could be bridged if we would focus more on the “what” rather than the “who.” Are you guilty of watching the news or logging into Facebook just waiting to see a story or video that reaffirms your opinions? Do you revel in that moment of “I told you so?” I know I do and I am not proud of it. The thing I take from this quote is that I can still be right, but that it isn’t what’s important. The importance is found in the truth and the truth is found in what’s right. A phrase I like to repeat to myself (I think I made it up) is “there is truth to everyone’s struggle.” The aforementioned quote goes perfectly with this. Combined they look like this:

“Ego is about who’s right. Truth is about what’s right. There is truth to everyone’s struggle.”

As I look this quote over I think about struggles that I’ve seen and disregarded. The man asking for change on the street rather than getting a job. The millionaire who couldn’t possibly have a drug problem. The smiling people who sure don’t seem like they have depression. When examples like this arise, do we immediately conjure up an opinion or idea? Do we even go so far as to complain to others about how minimal those people’s problems are if they would just do (insert your opinion). I’m sure we do. And guess what? It doesn’t do any good. NONE.

Until we actually donate or volunteer at an agency that helps those less fortunate we won’t make a difference. Until we stop judging the person with the drug problem and help them seek treatment we won’t make a difference. Until we actually get to know our fellow human beings and their possible struggles with anxiety or depression we won’t make a difference.

It is a lot to ask. Maybe these aren’t our responsibilities. We can’t fix everyone’s issues. At the very least we can focus on the truth behind the struggles while focusing less on who is right.