For 2018 I made it a goal to read more. This weekend I finished what has been my 5th book this year. I’ve always really enjoyed reading, even as a kid. Unfortunately, life goes on and I didn’t stick with it as much as a I should have. I went from reading every day by choice in middle school, to having gone years without reading anything that a teacher didn’t require. Well, the last couple of years I’ve gotten back on the reading train and it feels great! I feel like I’m earning the knowledge that I’m getting rather than having it force fed by the TV or internet.

As I’m thinking about reading I remember that each birthday growing up my Grandma would take me to Barnes and Noble Bookstore and splurge on books for me. One year I was really into the mafia and similar gangs. So my Grandma dropped literally $200 on books just about gangs/gangsters for my birthday. She was feeding the fire that has been re lit in recent years. Her approach to reading and the welfare of my learning has led me to decide that I won’t spoil my own kids but going broke buying them books might not be the worst thing.

I hear all the time that “I just don’t like to read.” I think that is an excuse for not searching for a book that will suit you. It’s like people saying they don’t like vegetables. “Yeah, but have you ever had them wrapped in bacon?” Find a book on a topic you’ll enjoy and read it for 5 minutes a day. I think you’ll be glad you did.