As I rung in the New Year surrounded by friends I was able to reflect on 2017.

So much emphasis is put on the future during NY’s. Everyone wanting to make a change. Wanting to make a change is great, I encourage everyone to use the springboard of a new year to lead to a permanent improvement. However, don’t forget about the pain, joy, lessons, successes that the previous year brought.

For me personally, as I counted down the seconds leading to 2018 with my wife I felt so proud. Proud of getting a new puppy, buying our first home, and making it another year with a deep certainty that God put us together and provided for all of our needs. I felt the jolt of sadness as I remembered that my grandmother passed away this year. I also felt the peace and comfort of knowing that the family and lessons she left behind are going to propel me into 2018. I thought about how I can say I was a better person in 2017 than I was in 2016. I’m not a finished product, never will be, but I did move the needle.

As we look ahead 2018 won’t be owned easily. It has a whole arsenal of change, grief, stress, personal loss, and challenges ready. What 2018 doesn’t know is that we come shielded with our momentum from the previous year. Sure 2017 kicked us around a bit, but we learned from defeat and will even the score.

I sincerely hope that for each and every one of you that reads this that you find what you’re looking for in 2018 and hang onto what you found in 2017.