Wary of posting anything in regards to MLK Day at risk of coming off with a political agenda or not being able to do his greatness justice. However, I think he is someone that has done so much that it’s only right to share some of my thoughts on this day. Being someone who showed such courage, leadership, and compassion amidst controversy and hate is something that many of us can get behind as we look back on it years later.

The widespread positive view of MLK today leaves me wondering where I would’ve stood years ago when he was fighting for what he believed. Would I have been a victim of the times and sat on the side thinking “what are they complaining about? They don’t know how good they have it.” Would I have actively disagreed with his approach? Would I have been in support of it? If I’m being honest I really don’t know. It depends who my parents were and what they thought. Where I was living and what my community believed. It’s uncomfortable to think about. Looking back most of us can agree that there was a need for what he did. Positive things came of his mission. He changed the course of history. These things are clear now, but how many people stood on the side, disagreed, or hated him only a short 50 years ago?

So, are we a victim of the times? What else is going on in the world that we merely brush off because it doesn’t affect us directly? What group are we speaking out against because we don’t like their actions, yet never stopped to consider the truth and pain behind their cause? Are there people fighting for equality at this exact day and time that we aren’t in support of, but our kids and grand kids will look back in 50 years and say “wow, I can’t believe it used to be that unfair.”

I am not asking you to compromise your religion or your morals. I am asking that you seek to love everyone, not just those that you agree with. MLK’s message was often one of love. If someone who faced such hate can live with such love then so should we.