Here are my thoughts on millennials as a millennial.

I hate the disconnect I see between generations. One generation after another complaining about the ones before and after them. Gleaning only the positives from their own upbringing while discrediting the positives of another. Anything good in this world is due to the remaining traditions of “the good old days” and anything bad is because “things aren’t like they used to be.” How did we get here? Has it always been like this?

These are a few of my thoughts. Here’s a few more.

I think millennials spend too much time on their phones. I also think I am able to reach hundreds of people instantly because of my phone.

I think we document too much of what we are doing. I also think it is our version of a scrapbook.

I think we were encouraged to go to college and dream big. Not totally aware of the realities that would meet us afterwards. I also think many of the jobs we will do haven’t been thought of yet.

I think we are living in a polarizing political climate. Just like every other generation has. Maybe it’s nothing new to you, but it is to us. Let us agree, disagree, protest, or put our heads down.

I think we wanted more beer options. So we helped push along the billion (many times over) craft beer industry.

I think the creativity of our generation doesn’t always result in getting paid. I also think it is changing the world.

I think we are a vain generation. Seeking a better looking body through the gym or organic foods. I also think we are driving a health wave.

I think we like flavored coffee instead of black. I also think we prefer our coffee while surrounded by music and friends at the local shop.

I think the men like to grow beards. Not caring how patchy. I also think it can’t be as bad as a mullet.

I think our jeans are too tight. I also think we don’t have to worry about tripping on bell bottoms.

I think many of us live with parents for far too long. I also think we are thankful for parents patient enough to let us figure it out.

Mostly, though, I think we are a flawed generation. We need guidance, not discouragement. We need help from previous generations, so we can make the world better for the next ones.