As I was unpacking this painting today due to our recent move, I looked on the back and written in marker was that I was given this as a gift on my 12th birthday by my late grandmother. Growing up I had an obsession with Native American Culture. I collected dream catchers, feathers, arrowheads, and she even took me to a powwow. Since then I have boxed up, lost, or damaged many of these items.

Even this now prized gift was damaged at one point because I didn’t take care of it. My grandma came over, went to my room, noticed the damage, repaired it, and covered it in plastic. She didn’t take it back, she only said that I should keep it wrapped until I am ready to hang it in a safe spot. I remember being really ashamed that day because I knew how much it meant for her to give me this painting that belonged to her father. I’ve grown up since then and it was the first piece hung in our very first home. It will continue to grace the walls of any home I live in.

I am reminded of my grandmother each time I look at this painting. Reminded to care for it, reminded to hang onto it with pride until it comes time to pass it down. Let’s be honest, the value of this painting isn’t in the material aspect. In fact it is not an original. The value is in the lessons and memories that accompany it.

We should be living life in such a way that gives values to our items.

Along with this painting I look forward to passing on my Michigan made safety razor, hand carved dove from my grandfather, my 12 gauge, my leather-bound bible, journal, and any other writings that are deemed worthwhile.

Do you have any items or lessons that you look forward to passing on someday?