Look for the good in people instead of the bad. I try to remind myself of this often.

One recent instance where I really thought this mind set would benefit someone was the other day while I was outside shoveling our stoop. I looked across to our neighbors and I see a woman pulling the trash bin out to the road for pickup. As she was doing this I hear a loud shout from a man in the house cussing her out for leaving the door open. I got really angry at the audacity this man had for being so disrespectful to his partner. I leaned on my shovel and made eye contact with her. Trying to let her know that I was right next door if she needed anything. As I continued to shovel I got angrier and angrier as I could hear him yelling again as she came inside. I wanted to go over there, knock on the door, and punch this guy.

Instead I finished shoveling and thought about what I would say to the guy if he came outside. I think I would tell him that its too bad the door was left open and it was getting cold inside, but that its even colder when you’re the one taking the trash out. I would want to remind him that a quick thank you when his partner does remember to shut the door would go a long way, or be appreciative of the fact that she was doing the heavy lifting of the trash and not him. I didn’t get this chance but it served as a reminder that we can become very angry and cynical when we only see the bad in people or groups of people.

The spread of this has really sickened me lately. Videos, articles, statuses spreading the negative acts of one or few and using it to justify why larger groups of people are evil. How many of us log out of Facebook even more deeply rooted in our opinions of other groups, policies, culture as opposed to feeling invigorated by positive stories of love and hope? Sadly, I know what the answer is. Ask yourself, are you one of the people contributing to the negativity online? Too many people think that by sharing their biased opinions they are doing a service to others. I assure you if you are doing this and not inviting civil discussions around the material then you are not strengthening your side, you are widening the divide between people.

This page was designed for one thing above all else. To bring people together by sharing different stories and ideas. We, as decent humans need to begin looking past other’s flaws and appreciating them for the good that they do. I promise that a happier outlook on life will follow.