Don’t Mess with Grandpa- I have a favorite story of my grandpa that has never gotten old no matter how many times I hear it.

-He and my grandma had been seeing each other for awhile but were yet to say that they were exclusive. During this time my grandma had allowed another guy over to visit during the day. Whether it was poor timing or a well thought out plan by my grandma, this visit took place as my grandpa decided to stop by. He entered the living room, saw the male guest and started to leave.

Having a change of heart he turned around and was standing at the top of the sunken living room. My grandpa at the time was a 6’4″ 240 lb. military man and had his boots on. At the top of a step he must have looked 7′ tall. He stared the other guy dead in the eyes and said “one of us is leaving, I just voted, and you lost”. It didn’t take long for the guy to exit the room in the door farthest from my grandpa. Shortly after that obvious proclamation that they were an official couple, they married.

Now, something that has stuck with me as much as this story is a quote that accompanied it. My grandpa told me “there are only a couple of good reasons to fight, one of those is in self defense and the other is for a woman.” Its a quote that I think of often and if any of my children come home from school having been in a fight for either of those reasons, I will take them out for Ice Cream.

As I now have my own wife, this story has gotten to be such a great reminder for me. My grandpa didn’t only show up on that day to score the pretty girl. He has followed up that event with decades of protection, love, support, caring, and empowering my grandma to pursue her dreams and passions.

The lesson is that the fight isn’t in the physical act (unless need be) but in the days, months, years that make up a relationship. I hope for you all that you are in or will be 1/2 of such a relationship.