I’m trying to be a bit more gray. I think you should too. Let me explain. Throughout our lives I believe we are pushed to take black and white stances on nearly everything. Certainly, there are times when this is the best approach. I am not advocating for never taking a solid stance in your life. I am asking you to consider multiple sides, especially in our current political and social climate.

Support the Police not BLM! I can do both. I can be gray. I can respect the difficult job that the Police have and follow authority while also understanding that there are truly people out there who are marginalized and at risk of being treated much different than I when in contact with Police.

Guns vs No Guns. I can nestle right into that gray area. I can enjoy the guns that I own. I can go to hunting camp, target shoot, and feel safer knowing I am armed in my home. I can also support the possibility of new regulations that could make society safer while allowing me to continue to enjoy my guns.

Climate Change. If I’m being honest this one boils down to Christian beliefs vs science. I can settle into the gray area in which I don’t have to abandon my biblical beliefs while also realizing that smoke pouring from factories, deforestation of millions of acres, and oil in our oceans is probably affecting our Earth. The Earth that has remained the same size while trying to support billions more people than 1000’s of years ago.

Young vs Old Generation. This is a good one. Good luck deciphering who’s fault this screwed up society is. Is it that the Old Generation left the Younger a country in shambles? Is it that the Younger Generation took all that was good with our country and squashed it with their technology and participation trophies? I’ll say neither. I’ll even say that our country isn’t in shambles but I know many think that so I’ll entertain it. The meshing of older ideals with new is not just a current thing. It has always happened. The good in this world is a combination of positive older ideals carried on or improved by younger generations. The bad in this world is a combination of older ideals that should have never been carried on or were modified poorly. Gray is looking really good in this case. No matter your generation you are responsible for the past, present and future.

Izzo vs Beilein. This one is a bit of a joke but I’ll break it down. And no, I won’t even attempt to get people to change fandom. I will ask you to consider that both are great coaches. Both are probably top 10 in the entire country. Both get remarkable results in differing styles. Both will continue to beat the snot out of each other until they retire. I’m gray on this, but GO STATE!

The point is that we all should strive to be a little more fluid in some of our views. If you can’t find the middle ground in any of the areas mentioned above I would say be a little more gray. If you inch over from your side of the line and I do the same, we can shake hands in the center.